Training Battle Fitness Rope 15Meter

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15 Meter Long; 38mm Dia Battle Rope Battling Strength Training Power Sport Home Gym Exercise Fitness Bootcamp

Our Rope Will Hard To Fray, Break Or Come Loose. The Battle Rope is Extremely Hard-Wearing And Provides Excellent Resistance For Strength Training. Perfect For Cardio Training, It Will Improve Your Endurance Of Shoulders, Increase Reaction Time & Metabolic Rate.

Consumption, The Comparatively Small Muscle Mass Of The Arms, Make Upper Body Exercise A Greater Challenge To Your Cardiovascular System Than Equivalent Lower Body Exercise. Your Heart Has To Work Harder To Deliver Oxygen To Those Hard Working Muscles! This Leads To Higher Cardiac Output And Oxygen Consumption. It Is Perfect For Boxers, Mixed Martial Artists, Swimmers, Surfers, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis Players, Or Anyone Looking Forward To Promoting Their Physical Fitness To A New Level.

* 100% Brand New and High Quality
* Yellow Tracking Line, Convenient For Maintenance
* 3-Strand Twisted Strong Construction
* 600D Oxford Waterproof Sleeve Protect The Rope From Friction And Fray
* Heat Shrink Hand Crips
* High Tensile Strength
* Build Stamina
* Increase VO2 Levels
* Improve Cardiovascular Health
* Gain Lean Muscle Mass
* Burn Fat
* Strengthen Core Muscles
* Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor
* Design Ideal for Burning Calories and Building Core Muscles

* Material: High Quality Polyester Fibre
* Dimensions: Length: 15meter; Diameter: 38mm
* Weight: 13kg
* Color: Black with Yellow Tracking Line

Consult with Doctor or Professional Trainer before use.
Warm up before use.

Package Included:
1 x Fitness Rope 15Meter
1 x 600D Oxford Waterproof Scuff Sleeve