Professional Survival Kit Emergency Tool 10in1

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Professional Multifunction 10 in 1 Military Tactical Camping Hiking Emergency Survival Tool Compass Kit Navigator for Outdoor Activities Hiking Camping Travel Bivouac SOS Life Saving Tool Box
The Complete Outdoor Survival Kit! Never go hiking, camping or hunting again without this crucial survival kit. It has 10 well thought off survival tools that are essential for your safety when venturing out in the great outdoors again! Be prepared for the unexpected- Take this essential outdoor survival kit along with you!

The Essential Must Have 10-in-1 Professional Survival Kit

* 100% Brand New and High Quality
* This survival kit is the perfect gadget for the camper, hiker, survivalist, boy scout, or outdoors man
* Great as a party favor; and adventurous kids!; Handy for Hiking, Camping, Spelunking, etc.
* 10 in 1 kit provides most of the items a person would need if they were lost in the wilderness
* Portable box size is 170 x 105 x 50 mm and weighs only 0.330 Kg,
* Small size and easy to carry, just throw this kit in your pocket, backpack, or life vest to prepare for any outdoor adventure.
* Can also be kept in your car.

* Material: High Quality ABS Plastic + Stainless Steel + Aluminum Alloy + Flint Stone
* Weight: Approx: 330g
* Product Size: Approx: (L)17cm x (W)10.5cm x (H)5cm
* Main Colour: Black

Kit Includes:
* Large Black Ferrocerium Rod Flint (for starting fire)
* Multi-function Scraper
* Mini bright Flashlight (3 modes)
* Compass with ruler (inch and cm) that can be used to read map
* Stainless Steel Knife with bottle opener, wrench
* Aluminium Lightweight High Frequency Whistle
* Tactical Pen (Self Defence, breaks windows in an emergency)
* 11-in-1 Multi Function Pocket Card
* LED Finger Flashlight
* Hard Shell carrying Case with soft sponge inside to protect equipment

Package include:
1 x 10-in-1 Professional Survival Kit