3 in 1 Knife Sharpener

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NEW Hot Classic 3 Step Stage Knife Sharpener Grinder Sharpening Fine Coarse Ceramic Non-slip Base Kitchen
Do you find yourself frantically sawing away at your meat and veggies? Then it's about time you got your blades sharpened. But you are afraid of cutting yourself when honing your knife? Relax, you don't have to be! This sharpener can be applied to many kinds kitchen knives, safe, fast and convenient for sharpening.

* 100% Brand New and High Quality
* 3-in-1 sharpening: Fine, coarse and ceramic
* Requires no power
* Preset sharpening angles
* 3 step knife sharpener hand-held knife sharpener can also quickly and easily restore the edge of all your fine edge knives.
* Requires no maintenance other than routine cleaning

* Material: High Quality ABS Plastic Body + Rubber Base + Stainless Steel + Diamond + Ceramics
* 3 in 1 Sharpening: Fine, Coarse and Ceramic
* Product Dimensions: 21 x 5 x 8cm (LxWxH)
* Colour: Black
* Weight: 180g

One direction ONLY. Please do NOT move Knife backward and forward.

How It Works:
* The diamond sharpener (Marked as CERAMIC) takes a little bit of metal off your knife, thinning the blade edge to lessen the resistance when cutting.
* The Stainless Steel edge (Marked as COARSE) restorer redefines the shape of the edge of your knife, creating a perfect blank to put a finer edge on. It will also remove any small nicks and burrs on your edge.
* The final ceramic sharpener (Marked as FINE) polishes the edge in to the finest of edges making your knife ready for use.

Package Included:
1x Knife Sharpener (3 in 1)