90 Degree Square Laser Level Tool Leveler

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NEW 90 Degree Right Angle Vertical Horizontal Laser Line Projection Square Level

Square Laser:
* Generate 2 line at Right Angle (90 Degree)
* for floors, tiles, paneling, wall fixtures, wallpapering, stencilling, wainscoting, finish carpentry and more.
* Simple one button operation powers two perpendicular laser lines (90 degrees) on and off.

* 100% Brand New and High Quality
* Laser Level Square an easy to use layout tool
* Projects horizontal and vertical laser "chalk lines" on surfaces
* Dual diodes for making 90 degrees laser beam on any surfaces
* Two bubble vials
* Two suction cups allow the laser level square to be mounted onto the surfaces
* Alignment guide for 90-degree layout-calculate and turning angles in 5-degree increments
* Layout and partition installation.

* Laser wavelength:635 nm
* Laser class:Class II
* Anti-dust Anti-water:IP-54
* Accuracy:+/-3/8"/100ft.(+/-1.5mm/5m)
* Self-leveling range:+/-4 degree
* Power :3 x AA alkaline batteries(NOT Included)
* Low voltage indication:Power LED flashing
* Size:150 x 50 x 150mm

WARNING: A laser device is not a toy and must not be allowed to fall into the hands of children.

Packet included:
1 x 90 Degree Laser leveler