Beer Bottle Capper Bench Lever

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This bench capper is easy to set up and use. The standard bell has a magnet to hold the bottle cap. Just put the beer bottle on the plate and pull down on the handle. The cap is crimped and sealed. This bench capper height is adjustable for different bottle heights. This sturdy bench capper is perfect for bottling your homebrewed wine or beer. It's much easier to use than a wing-style bottle capper and will speed up your bottling process immensely. For best capping results, the capper should be mounted on a bench or work table using the mounting holes on its base. The right bottle capper makes all the difference when it's time to bottle your homebrew. Get yours today!

IMPORTANT: It won't be able to seal properly if you are using a re-used cap from an opened bottle!

* 100% Brand New and High Quality
* Spring-loaded, lever-action mechanism for quick and accurate capping
* Capping head made with high grade 45# steel
* Magnetic bell holds cap in place
* Textured, non-slip base to securely hold bottle in place
* Adjustable height for various bottle sizes
* Built-in holes to bolt down for added stability

* Material: High Quality Carbon Steel + Aluminium alloy + ABS Plastic
* Product Dimensions: Approx: (L)19cm x (W)17 x (H)50cm (for detailed product dimensions please view our auction photo)
* Height Adjustable Range: Approx: 7.5cm - 34cm
* Weight: Approx: 1750g
* Colour: As shown in the first photo

Package Included:
1 x Bench Beer Bottle Capper

NOTE: This listing is for the Bottle Capper only, other accessories such as bottle caps, bottles etc.. are not included.