Car Lip Spoiler

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NZ Stock, HOT NEW Car Lip Spoiler, 1.5M Carbon Fiber Car Rear Roof Trunk Spoiler Wing Lip Sticker Body Kits, Car SUV Rubber Strip Bar Spoiler Tail Fin Rear Wing

* 100% Brand New and High Quality
* The rubber material with a clear and vibrant carbon fiber surface printed provides a durable and visually striking 3D pattern.
* It can be easily installed by cutting it to the desired size and fitting it tightly with the rear spoiler. Note: Heating the tape with a hairdryer before installation enhances stickiness in cold weather.
* The strong adhesive tape ensures a secure and long-lasting attachment that won't come off.
* Adding the rear spoiler lip guard significantly improves your vehicle's aerodynamics, resulting in a better driving experience and a cooler, more stylish appearance.
* Installation of the spoiler lip sticker is quick and simple. Just adjust the position, cut it to fit your car perfectly, and insert each cover to the end of the spoiler (2 covers included in the package).

* Main Material: High Quality Rubber
* Length: Approx: 150cm
* Width: Approx: 4.5cm
* Weight: Approx: 930g
* Color: Carbon Fiber

Package included:
1 x Car Lip Spoiler Wing