Car Organiser Seat Side Gap Storage Box Pocket 2pc

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Car Organiser Seat Side Gap Storage Box Pocket 2pc


* Featured here is the hot new product.  It can easily fit in between your seat and center console.  
* It is there to catch all falling items and create additional storage for better organization.   
* The universal design fits in mostly vehicles and black color easily blends in for a clean look.
* It slips between auto seat & console Stop losing keys, coins, credit cards and more between the seats in your car.
* It has a one size fits all, flexible design that fills the space between the seat and the center console.
* Installs in seconds without adhesives.
* Perfect for storing cell phone, sunglasses and more. Stop driving distractions.
* Simply rinse to clean.

* Catches items before they drop between seats
* Stop the items drop under the seat
* Creates extra storage within easy reach
* Helps prevents dangerous distractions
* Keeps hard to reach areas clean
* Installs in seconds – just slide into position
* One size fits all – flexible sleeve adjusts to fit
* Stays in place when seats are moved back or forward
* Virtually invisible to match any interior color
* Wash with soap and water
* It can also be used as a means to store a wide variety of items such as maps, sunglasses, pens and more


* Material:PP
* color: black
* Size:37 x 11.5 x 2.5 cm

Package included:
2 x Car Seat Side Gap Storage Box Organizer Pocket