Coffee Knock Box

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NEW HOT Espresso Coffee Knock Box Shock Absorbent Durable Barista Style Knock Box With Removable Knock Bar and Non-Slip Base

Dispose of your used coffee grounds quickly and easily within inches of your espresso maker. You can store old coffee grounds for gardening, old coffee grounds can be a rich fertilizer option for your garden beds. Knock boxes give you ample storage space for holding the residual coffee grounds so that you can later transfer them to a compost bin.

* DURABLE COFFEE KNOCK BOX - Made of sturdy ABS material with a non-slip design for easy cleaning.
* PERFECTLY SIZED - Fits beside most espresso machines and has a large capacity to reduce the need for frequent emptying.
* NOISE-REDUCING DESIGN - Rubber bar and plastic body reduce noise while using, and the detachable rubber bar makes cleaning a breeze.
* CONVENIENT DESIGN - Deep bent shape prevents coffee slag from splashing, while the oblique mouth allows for easy use.
* VERSATILE USE - Ideal for use in homes, cafes, canteens, restaurants, bars, and more. An affordable and reliable product for all.

* Main Material: High Quality ABS Plastic Body + Rubber Bar
* Weight: Approx: 275g
* Overall Size: Approx: (L)14.5cm x (W)12.8cm x (H)12.4cm
* Detachable Rubber Bar Length: Approx: 14.5cm
* Color: Black

Package Included:
1 x Coffee Knock Box

** NOTE: Coffee machines and other accessories shown in the pictures are not included