Emergency Radio LED Flashlight Solar Power Hand Crank

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Solar Power / Dynamo Hand Crank Emergency LED flashlight Torch + Charger + FM / AM Radio + Phone Charger

Our high quality Solar Handcrank Emergency Radio is ideal for emergency kits and disaster preparedness…and now includes iPhone charging! Never be without batteries again! Features a flashlight, AM/FM radio, a cell phone charger, blinker and siren.

* 100% Brand New and High Quality
* Compact, lightweight, and easy to carry yet loaded with many important functions which are a must have for any survival kit.
* Super Bright LED Flashlight - LED bulb provides over 100,000 hours of emergency light.
* AM/FM Radio - Receives excellent reception for tuning into emergency broadcasts.
* Solar Power - Solar panel allows you to charge the internal battery by placing in direct light for unlimited usage.
* Hand Crank Power - Built in generator allows you to charge the internal battery by cranking with your hand so that you never run out of battery power.
* Emergency charger for cellphone by crank dynamo - Can help save lives, by providing enough power for a short voice or text conversation.
* Flashing LED Siren - Attract rescue attention with a bright red flashing LED siren and loud alarm

* Frequency Range: AM: 530--1710KHz, FM: 88 --108MHz
* Voltage: DC 5V
* Solar Cell: 5.5v, 40mA
* Rechargeable battery capacity:800mah
* Speaker Voltage :>=100mW
* LED life Times :>10000 hours
* Charging time:
1) 2-3 hours by laptop or computer
2) 8-10 hours under normal sunlight in Summer
* Three-way powered:
1) Hand Crank
2) Solar panel
3) USB power (cord included)
* 4 charging Adapters for different phones (iPhone4, Samsung; Nokia etc)Note: the adapter does not for iPhone 5 or above
* Material: ABS Plastic
* Product Size: (L)19×(W)8.2×(H)9.8cm
* Weight: 260g

Package Includes:
1 x Emergence Radio Flashlight
1 x USB Cable(for charging)
1 x Power Line Cable(be used with samll adaptors)
4 x Small Cellphone Charging Adaptors
1 x English User Manual