Garden Hanging Planter Bag (18 Pockets)

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18 Pocket Indoor Outdoor Wall Balcony Herbs Vertical Garden Hanging Planter Bag

There must be so many plants that you want to plant, but balcony or garden are not enough space. This wall-mounted planter bag can help you to solve this problem. It can be hung on handrail and wall to save space. Suitable for Family garden, Balcony garden, Household decoration, Greening projects, Garden nursery production.

* 100% Brand New and High Quality
* Vertical Wall Planter with 18 Planting pockets!
* A Unique, Decorative, Space-Saving Way to Grow Plants, Flowers, Herbs and Vegetables!
* Simply Screw to the Side of Your Building, on Fences or Walls (screws not included)!
* Utilise Unusable Space Indoors and Outdoors!
* Harvest Fresh Herbs Directly From Your Wall!
* Add Beautiful Splashes of Seasonal Colour to Your Walls with Flowers!
* Fill Interior Spaces with Magnificent Smells Like Lavender or Basil!
* Help Mask the Smell of Pets and Smokers!
* Have Extra Room for House Plants!
* An Innovative Alternative to Wall Art!
* Enjoy the Relaxation Benefits of Living in a Green Environment!
* Remove Toxins & Purify Your Home Air!
* Perfect for Greening up Small Spaces!
* Intelligent Foldable & Recyclable Design!
* Super Easy to Store!
* Long-Lasting!
* Made of Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic material
* Excess water will automatically drain/soak through felt material

PLEASE NOTE: IMPORTANT ** Can be used indoors BUT water may leak through the fabric.  **

* Material: High Quality Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic Breathable Felt
* 18 Planting Pockets
* Total Size: (H) 100cm x (L) 50cm
* Diameter of locating hole: 1.0cm
* Size of each pocket: 14cm x 14cm
* Color: Black

Package Content:
1 X 18 Pockets Vertical Planting Bag