Garden Pavement Mold - Hexagon

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* 100% brand new and high quality.
* This mold is designed for the garden-lovers, who want to create their own design decoration to make their gardens more beautiful. To give your pavement and yards some artistic sense
* Easy to clean PP resin and use, no special skills required. Even an inexperienced person can create a beautiful pathway
* Reusable, running a continuous path in any direction to build a new concrete path
* Enjoy your personal idea of DIY with the stone mold and make a beautiful path in your garden

* Material: High Quality ABS Plastic
* Product Overall Dimensions: Approx: (L)29 x (W)28 x (H)4.5cm
* Weight: Approx:220g
* Color: Black

How to use the Path Maker
1.Prepare the ground is essential to ensure that your path or patio lies flat.
2.Level and smooth the ground then mix up a batch of concrete.
3.Mark out your path or patio so you know where to start and stop.
4.Place the mold at the start of the path. Fill it with wet concrete and smooth off with a trowel.
5.Remove the mold and move it to the next position.
6.Repeat until your path is complete -you will get your own DIY pathway.
1. Clean the concrete garden molds for reusing, spray them with garden hose.
2. Garden stone mold can be used again right after you pour the first garden stepping stone so you do not have to wait.

Package included:
1 x Pavement Mould