Honey Uncapping Extracting Roller

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New Durable Uncapping Needle Roller Bee Honey HoneyComb Extracting Beekeeping Equipments Tool

Honey harvesting has always been labor intensive, but with this honey uncapping roller, its a lot easier. It is much easier to use than a hot capping knife.

* 100% Brand New and High Quality
* You get a lot less beeswax in your honey
* No hot knife that is plugged into the wall
* Most anyone can do this task
* Honeycomb is not destroyed.
* Detachable.High quality plastic and steel welding to ensure that the handle strong.
* The sharp tines plastic prongs can ensure you extract honeycombs much better than other extracting methods (heat-gun method, hot capping knife, etc..)!
* Please keep the Needle Roller in the warm water to clean the product.
* An indispensable tool for the Beekeeping Equipments.

* Material: High Quality Wooden handle + Stainless Steel + ABS Plastic Needle Roller
* Roller Diameter: approx: 4cm
* Needle length: approx: 0.9cm
* Roller Width: approx: 9.9cm
* Wood Handle length: approx: 13.5cm
* Product Overall Length:approx: 32cm
* Colour: as shown in the picture
* Weight:225g

Package Contents
1 x Uncapping Needle Roller