Nut Cracker Macadamia Opener

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HOT NEW Manual Nutcracker Nut Tongs, Macadamia Nut Cracker Adjustable Machine Heavy Duty Pecan Peeling Nut Cracker Opener Tool For Walnuts Chestnuts Pecans Hazelnuts Almonds Best Gifts

* 100% Brand New and High Quality
* NUTCRACKER FOR MOST NUTS -- Heavy duty adjustable nut cracker Tool can easily crack almost all kinds of nuts including pecan, walnut, hazelnuts, almonds, English walnut, Brazil nuts, etc.
* UNIQUE DEGISN -- Based on the principle of leverage, the nutcracker is more convenient and labor-saving than the traditional fruit-opener, it will not hurt yourself, keep the flesh intact. At the same time, the wood box can also store nuts or peels, saving the time to clean the table.
* PREMIUM QUALITY -- The nutcracker features the high quality, not easy to rust. This nutcracker is with fashion wood base with solid built steel construction.
* HOW TO USE -- Put the nut into the U-shaped groove, turn the handle after the main body catches the nut, and take out the whole pulp when you hear a clicking sound.
* JUST EASY -- The hand crank nut cracker tool can crack hard shelled nuts so well that when you make the right adjustments to the tool, it could easily crack many other nuts.

* Material: High Quality Wooden Base + Metal Constructed Opener
* Product Overall Size: Approx: 12cm (W) x 8cm (H) x 25cm (L)
* Net Weight: Approx: 900grams

NOTE: Due to the different batchs of the stocks, the appearance of the product may be slightly different to the one in the picture

Package Includes:
1 x Nutcracker