Pool Balls 2 1/16"

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New Billiard Deluxe Pool Ball Set Standard Size 2 1/16" Diameter 52mm

The balls you play with are as important as the table you play on! Improve your game with the professional quality Pool Table Regulation Billiard Ball Set. Experience the difference a perfectly engineered ball can make to your game!
The premium true roll Billiard Balls combine quality materials and precision engineering to create a durable, perfectly weighted, round ball that plays excellent! This set of 16 regulation balls are crafted from a poly resin blend and include 7 striped balls, 7 solid colored balls, one 8-ball, and one white cue ball.

* 100% Brand New and high quality
* 16 precision-engineered regulation size 2 1/16" roll billiard balls
* Crafted from blended poly-resin
* Calibrated for weight
* Calibrated for color
* Includes 7 striped balls, 7 solid colored balls, one 8-ball, and one cue ball
* Suitable for residential use

* Material: High Grade Poly Resin
* Standard Size: 2 1/16" (52mm)
* Ball Weight: Approx: 135g ~ 140g (each)
* Package size: 22.2cm x 22.2cm x 5.5cm

* 1 x White Ball
* 7 x Solid Colored balls numbers 1 to 7
* 7 x Striped Balls numbers 9 to 15
* 1 x Black number 8 ball

Please Note: We cannot guarantee the retail box that you receive will be intact. If you need an intact retail box, please do let us know, we will try to send a good condition retail box to you.