Scratch Off World Map (Deluxe Edtion)

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Ultra-Deluxe Scratch Map World Poster for Frame, Scrapbooking, and Personalized Journey Log

Personalize Your Travel Experiences with a Color Coded Scratch Off Travel Map Today!

-- Why keep having to try and recall all the places you've visited when someone asks?
-- Why not have a beautiful wall poster that tastefully displays your world travels?V -- Do you have a jet-set friend or know someone that's slowly travelling the world and could use a beautiful gift to remember their journeys?
Our Ultra-Deluxe Scratch Map World Poster Is As Much A Dream Come True for the Jet-Set, World Travelers as it is for Art Lovers!

-- Easy to frame and as presentable in the home as it is the office.
-- Superior map quality and detailed design to standard scratch map versions
-- Ultra water and spill resistance compared to standard scratch maps
-- Designed for anyone that travels out of the country for work, vacation, etc.
-- Even perfect for scratching off relevant places you want to go, but haven't been yet! Scratch Off and Record the Wondrous Places You've visited Around Using Our Classy and Stylish Ultra-Deluxe Scratch Map World Poster!

* DELUXE SIZE MAP: The larger, extremely detailed infographics of our poster ensure it can be clearly seen, whether framed on vertical hanging surfaces or horizontal desk-like surfaces alike.
* ULTRA MAP PROTECTION: Non-laminated maps have a tendency to be destroyed very quickly. Our map's laminated coating and coloured foil colouring ensure it remains presentable for years to come.
* DAZZLING MAP COLOUR SCHEME: Our map comes in a black and gold colour scheme that looks great, classy and attracts attention. With the added benefit of multicolor scratch off coding for places visited, the dark background brings out each country's colour coding with dazzling vibrancy

* Material: PVC,paper, colored aluminum laminate
* Product size: 82.5cm x 59.4cm
* Use: Navigation,Gift
* Net weight: 280g
* Case Color: Black

Package Includes:
1 x Poster World Scratch Map