Telescope Astronomical Monocular 500X60

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500 x 60mm Promo Monocular Space Astronomical Telescope Outdoor Spotting Scope
Magnification power: 20x ~ 166.67x

NOTE: Due to the different batches of the product, the appearance of this product may look slightly different to the auction photos.
This JIEHE 500X60 refractor scope is a compact and universal telescope with bright image quality and high magnification power. It is suitable for astronomical observations and for terrestrial use as a powerful spotting scope, with 60mm Objective Lens Diameter and Fully multi-coated,so it has very clear images even in low lighting condition.

* 100% Brand New and High Quality
* Model: Jiehe CF50060M
* Accessories: 2 eyepieces, and 1 eyepiece extension as below:
K25mm, K9mm, 3 x Barlow;
* 5x24 finder scope
* Adjustable table top camera tripod (53cm - 120cm high);
* Carry punch.
* English Manual

* Magnification power: 20x ~ 166.67x,
* Magnification power Details as the following
* Eyepiece & Optical Magnification Power Chart:
Eyepiece | Magni. power | Power with 3x Barlow lens
K25mm | 20x | 60x;
K9mm | 55.56 x | 166.67x;

* Focal length: 500mm
* Objective diameter (aperture): 60mm;
* Fully multi-coated lens.
* Main telescope body length: 600mm
* Weight: 3.90kg (including carry bag)

Caution : do not view the sun with this telescope viewing the sun can cause eye damage.

Package includes
1 x 500/60mm Promo Monocular Space Astronomical Telescope
1 x K9mm Eyepiece
1 x K25mm Eyepiece
1 x Barlow 3X
1 x Finder scope
1 x Finder scope holder
1 x English User Manual
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x Tripod