Aluminum Automatic Chicken Feeder (5KG)

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5KG Aluminum Automatic Hen Duck Chicken Chook Poultry Food Feeder Auto Treadle Self Opening Self Service Feed
This Automatic Chicken Feeder provides a protected way of feeding your backyard chickens on demand. The lid can be opened when chickens (minimum 500g) step onto the platform. This clever design allows chickens to access their food when hungry. By Using an Automatic Chicken feeder, your feed will remain dry, pests and rodents will not get in to it and you will see less feed wastage. With 5kg of feeding capacity, you don't have to worry of refilling the feeder every single day either.

* 100% Brand New and High Quality
* Made from rust-proof aluminum
* Solid construction and long lasting
* 500 grams weight can open the lid
* Keeps feed clean and fresh
* Prevents little wild birds, rats and mice(weight below 500g) stealing feed
* Water proof, saves valuable feed from rain
* Saves on feed costs, no more wasted or stolen feed
* Coated in protective film just need to be removed and polished
* Easy to assemble and low maintenance
* Large capacity can hold up to 4.7kg of feed
* Suitable for most bantams
* Very easy to assemble and low maintenance

* Material: High Quality Aluminum Feeder + Stainless Steel Screws and bolts
* Feed Capacity: Approx: 5KG
* Size: Approx: Lenght 56cm x Width 36cm x Height 18.5cm
* Color: Silver

Package Contents
1 x Aluminum Chicken Feeder
1 x Installation Manual