Embroidery Hoops Cross Stitch Hoop 5pcs

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HOT NEW 5 Pieces Embroidery Hoop Set Bamboo Circle Round Cross Stitch Hoop Ring | 5 Sizes 4 inch to 12 inch for Embroidery and Cross Stitch |  for Christmas Ornaments Art Craft Handy Sewing DIY Favor

* 100% Brand New and High Quality.
* Natural material : Made of high quality Bamboo, harmless to the body
* Multiple sizes(approx.): 4 inch (10cm), 6 inch (15cm), 8 inch (20cm), 10 inch (25cm) and 12 inch (30cm) with the five different sizes to suite your needs
* Detail processing: Metal screws with fine anti-skid embossed texture will fixed your fabric well
* Artisan craftsmanship: Polished bamboo embroidered hoop which is light, beautiful and harmless to your hands;
* Cross stitch hoops is really a perfect gift for moms or embroidery lovers

* Material: High Quality Natural Bamboo
* Embroidery Hoop Size:  4 inch (10cm), 6 inch (15cm), 8 inch (20cm), 10 inch (25cm) and 12 inch (30cm)
* Colour: Wood color
* 5 Pieces Total Weight: Approx: 220g

Step 1: Press the nut with one hand and turn the screw counterclockwise,loosen screw and separate the inner hoop from the outer hoop
Step 2: Place the inner hoop on a flat surface and lay your cloth on top of the hoop
Step 3: Put the outer hoop over the cloth and inner hoop, aligning the screw to the top of your project
Step 4: Pull the fabric taut as you tighten the screw until you reach your desired fabric tension

Package included:
1 x 4 inch (10cm) Embroidery Hoop
1 x 6 inch (15cm) Embroidery Hoop
1 x 8 inch (20cm) Embroidery Hoop
1 x 10 inch (25cm) Embroidery Hoop
1 x 12 inch (30cm) Embroidery Hoop

*** Other accessories shown in the photos are not included