Car Blind Spot Mirror (2pcs)

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2x Adjustable Blind Spot Mirrors Wing Car Driving Safety Clamp Wide Angle Towing Reversing Driving Mirror
* Universal Fit, suitable for interior or exterior use
* Increase viewing angles, Reduce Blind Spot for safety
* Used to broaden your car side view when driving, eliminate the car side view blind spots, suitable for beginners
* Suitable for installation on rearview mirrors and side mirrors
* Adjustable blind spot mirror can be convenient and useful, suitable for most of cars

* Materials: High Quality Glass and ABS Plastic
* Product Overall Size: Approx: (L)11cm x (W)4.5cm x (H)7.8cm
* Weight (each): Approx: 62g
* Color: Black

Packaging Included:
2 x Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror Wide Vision