Car Pet Dog Mesh Net Barrier

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Vehicle Car Travel Pet Car Back Seat Net Mesh Dog Barrier

Statistics show that the cause of most accidents is distracted drivers. The pet barrier creates a division between the driver and the pets thereby greatly reducing distraction. With this mesh barrier the pet can still maintain visible access with the driver yet it reduces their interference. With this Pet Net Barrier your car will be a safer place to be in.

* This Pet Net Barrier is an ideal, convenient and suitable solution in keeping your pets in the back while driving. With the pet barrier you can remain focused on the road on long distant trips as well as local errands while still being accompanied by your pet companions. It will make traveling with your pets safer and easier than ever before.
* This Net Barrier was made with you in mind. These “see through” net, allow you to easily look back at your pet maintaining a visible access and control over them. However, it still keeps them from interfering with the driving, creating a safe zone for yourself, the Dogs and for other passengers as well.
* This Pet Net Barrier is universal fit. You can transport it from your car to your van or to any vehicle its needed in. it is constructed out of premium quality mesh to ensure that it is strong and durable. The mesh is sturdy enough to keep your pets away yet it is still gentle on the pets. Their paws and claws won’t get entangled in them. The Pet Net barrier will last you a long time. Made with the hooks and adjustable strips, the easy to install Pet Net Barrier is versatile too. You can choose to attach it either to the handles above the door or to the front seat headrests.
* Furthermore, it stops small sized pets from getting through the console area. It can be easily removed when not in use and just as easily installed again when needed.

* Materal: Oxford Fabric + Nylon Mesh
* Size: 115 x 62cm
* Colour: Black

Package Contents
1 x Pet Net Barrier
2 x Loop Bungee Cords
4 x Hook Bungee Cords