Car Organiser , Car Seat Organiser (Black)

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NEW HOT Car Seat Back Organiser for iPad Mini, Universal Backseat Storage for Cellphones, Bottles, Books, Tissue Box, Kids’ Toys, etc..

Descriptions :
* 100% Brand New and High Quality
* This multi pockets Car Seat Organiser will make long trips happy and comfortable .
* Efficient bag with 6 Separated multiple pockets for storing stuffs like iPad, tablet, iphone, books, pens, water bottles, tissue box, toys, etc.
* Always making your car in neat and tidy organised.
* Easy access to reach gadgets, No mess at all.
* Car Back Seat Organiser has variety of pockets and sleeves to hold pens, maps, beverages, glasses and more.
* This Car Back Seat Backpack is great for: Cars, Trucks, Mini vans, Family or work vehicles.

Specifications :
* Material: High Quality Eco Friendly Felt
* Tissue Box thickness allowance: 6cm; Width allowance: 11cm
* Weight: Approx: 180g
* Color : Black
* Product Size: Approx: (L)53cm x (W)41cm

Package Included :
1 x Car Seat Organiser Holder Multi-Pocket Storage Bag (Back Seat Backpack)

(Items inside the bag are for display only and are not included.)