Foam Roller Yoga Roller (45cm)(Black)

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NEW Fitness Floating Point EVA Yoga Foam Roller For Gym Physio Massage Pilates

Yoga foam roller is a convenient and economical fitness equipment. There are three different size patterns on the roller that are specifically designed to allow for more targeted massage.
The foam roller can be used for almost any area of the body, it can ease your muscle and soft tissue tightness of the upper and lower back, hamstring, adductors, upper arm, and much more! The general method of using a foam roller utilizes body weight to apply pressure to the desired area, with the roller underneath.


* 100% Brand New and High Quality

* Lightweight, soft to touch, rich elastic buffer,surface with massage grid trigger point
* Specially designed firm bumps to gently massage muscles
* Can eliminate muscle tension, and strengthen the core muscle strength and flexibility, stretching the muscles and tendons,lipid-lowering toning
* Can be used for a sports massage, muscle rehabilitation and aiding a full body workout,improves circulation & relieves muscle pain
* Yoga column can help yoga practitioners to finish the balancing act
* The most popular pilates/yoga trainers, it is suitable for all people
* Economical and versatile exercise tool
* Hard wearing and sturdy product
* Easy to clean

* Material: EVA+PVC
* Net Weight: 1200g
* Size: (L x Diameter): 45x14cm
* Surface: Grid Trigger Point
* Color: Black

1 x Yoga Foam Roller

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