Golf Swing Training Practice Power Fan (White)

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Golf Club Swing Power Fan Resistance Practice Train Trainer training Aid Grip Trainer Guide White

Great Golf Practicing Aid for both Professional and Amateur Golfers

The wheel shape are designed to add air resistance which helps strengthen the wrist, arms and waist muscle. It also develops muscle memory and improve body rotation. It will improves your swing!

* 100% Brand New and High Quality
* Showing the movement of your hands throughout the swing and creates resistance
* Air deflecting holes designed for avoiding golf club skewing
* V-shape wheel is aim to add air resistance, the faster you swing, the greater the resistance
* With special anti-slip grip to ensure you grab the club properly
* Improving your golf playing skills as well as batting accuracy
* Exercising your muscles and strengthening wrists, arms and waist, enhancing your swing and body rotation

* Material: High Quality Aluminium Alloy + ABS Plastic + Rubber Hand Grip
* Blade Size (L x W ): Approx: 39.5 x 14.5cm
* Wheel Size (L x W x H): Approx: 37 x 8 x 8cm
* Grip Length: Approx: 51cm
* Product Overall Size (L X W X H): 77 x 31 x 31cm
* Net Weight: 840 grams
* Color: White + Black
* Simple Assembly Required

Package Includes:
1 x Hand Grip
1 x Wheel
4 x Blades
1 x Long Screw
8 x Short Screws
9 x Screw nut