Reusable Hot and Cold Gel Pack First Aid Pain Relief

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Hot and Cold Pack Reusable Microwaveable Heat Ice Gel Pack First Aid Muscle / Back Pain Relief Health Care

This Reusable Hot & Cold Pack is perfect for the continuous treatment of an injury at home where you have access to a microwave or freezer. The pack is ideal for treating a wide range of injuries and they last longer than a standard instant hot or cold pack. Use warm for effective relief from muscular and joint aches and pains and cold for reducing swelling and inflammation. Simply keep the pack in the freezer to use cold or heat in the microwave to use hot. We recommended that you wrap the pack in a cloth or sleeve when applying the pack directly to the skin.

* 100% Brand New and High Quality
* Fully Reusable Hot/Cold Gel packs great for treatment of a wide range of injuries & reducing swelling
* Easy to use - Cool in freezer or heat in microwave (Follow instructions on pack)
* Longer pack length allows to fit to most body parts
* Helps reduce swelling, alleviate pain from sprains, strains, bumps, bruises, ease stiff joints/muscles

* Material: High Quality Nylon + Gel
* Cold Use: Pain Relief, Reduce Swelling, Ease Muscle Spasm, Cooling Effect
* Hot Use: Pain Relief,East Joint Stiffness, Blood circulation, Relaxation
* Dimensions: Approx: 230mm x 130mm
* Color: Dark Blue
* Weight: 200 grams

Package Contains:
1 x Reusable Hot Cold Heat Ice Gel Pack