Shovel Foldable Multifunctional

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Large Folding Shovel Foldable Multifunctional For Camping Hiking Garden Outdoor 58cm

Product Introduction:
This Folding Shovel is great for outdoor adventures or your winter survival kit! Yeah, it's small... but this handy tool is sure to come up BIG! Made of tempered forged steel, the Folding Shovel can be used as a shovel or a pick, and the serrated edge allows it to be used as a saw, too! Folded, it only measures 24cm long and comes with a carry pouch for easy storage and transport. Unfolded, it measures 58cm long and is a cinch to use!
Product Feature:
* 100% Brand New and High Quality
* Constructed from quality-tempered steel
* Not just a shovel, this is a multifunctional tool including a shovel, pick, saw edge, hoe,etc
* Extended length is 58cm and folded length is 24cm for easy storage
* Good for trench-digging, snow-shoveling, wood-sawing, and more
* Ideal for gardening ,camping , hiking , military use , exploration and other outdoor activities.

Product Specification:
* Material: Steel
* Dimension: Unfolded (58 x 15.5cm) Folded ( 24 x 15.5 x 6cm)
* Color: Black
* Weight: 1.1KG

Package Content:
1x Military Style Camp Survival Folding Shovel
1x Pouch