Underarm Shoulder Bag Hidden Bag (Right Underarm Style)

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As the saying goes, Agent Bond 007 is always on the go! Thus, an classy vest bag is needed to keep your materials safe from nasty thieves! It brings to you an inspector anti theft shoulder bag, designed for safety and durability.

Double-bag design, the pouch just accommodate the size of an iPhone, the big bags can accommodate other electronic devices such as mp3 or second phone, it can also carry passports,notepad. Bottom of zipper tape can be put a few bills and some change! The pocket on back side of the bag is big enough to put 7-10 inches tablets and other facilities you might need.

The shoulder sized handle can easily adjusted and easy to back up. It is hard tell the contents brought after you wear a coat, stealth and anti-theft feature.The back material is a breathable mesh, do not worry about the back will be hot for a long time.

When use it, simply shoulder strap penetrate right arm. Wallet and mobile phone always in the underarm grip of the state due to the body's natural movements,so thieves will have no way for stealing.

Meterial:400D Nylon
Colour: Black
Style: Right Underarm Style

Package Content:
1 x Hidden Underarm Shoulder Bag (Right Underarm Style)