Wall Decal - Large Tree

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All our decals are made here in NZ and cut from high quality vinyl. They look better and last much longer than cheap imported decals.

***Please contact us if you need custom sizes***

Size: Width 57cm X Height 67cm

Color : Black

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1. Is the Vinyl Printed, is there a shiny background?
No, our vinyl is not printed. It is computer cut straight from the self adhesive vinyl we use. Meaning that You will not get a transparent strip around the outside of the image like some other cheap decals, so the effect is a fantastic hand-painted finish.

2. I'm a little worried about fitting is there anything i should know?
Fitting wall stickers is extremely easy for people in the know however if you are new to wallstickers we want you to be assured that fitting wall stickers is very very easy, we supply every order with fitting instructions including 2 video instructions, and application tape readily applied so you can get straight to work, put our satisfaction gaurantee to the test.

3. How long will the vinyl last?
Our Vinyl has a life expectancy of 10 years indoor and 2- 4 years outdoor.

4. Is the vinyl removable?
Our vinyl material can be very easily removed without damaging to the surface it's applied to. They are removable but not reusable.

5. Can i have my wall sticker mirrored / reversed?
Yes you can, all you need to do is send us a message shortly after payment stating your request.

6. What kind of surfaces can I apply the vinyl to?
They can stick to any smooth surface including walls, windows, doors, tiles, mirrors, cars,etc. Applying decals on a bumpy or textured surface may be a bit more difficult.